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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  March 6, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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that serve real people. that doesn't mean it's wrong. but we better get used to it. that's it for today. have a great week. we'll see you next week. >> a fox urge fire on an oil rig platform in the gulf of mexico and the coast guard rushing to the rescue. i'm harris faulkner and this is the fox report. this video of the rig on fire just coming in. we're told this oil production rig is not active right now. arena, the company that owns it, shut it down. it's located 50 miles off grand isle, louisiana. this happened just a short time ago. i was on the phone with a coast guard in new orleans a short time ago and they told me two men who were working on the inch
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survived. they used a life capsule to get away from the flames. what you're watching is the rescue that the coast guard put forth because they sent out a helicopter and hoisted those men up into the chopper and now those two men are hospitalized in a place near new orleans, we're told. since then, crews managed to put out the fire. the scare coming as the gulf coast still hurting from the deep water horizon explosion last year and the resulting oil spill. more details as we get them on this part of the story also tonight on "the fox report." >> battle ground libya. >> there were bombs and bullets and we were trying to escape. >> rebels trying to take key cities while loyalists to gadhafi waged its toughest fight yet. fox bringing you up close to the front lines of the struggle for libya. and they terrorized the high seas, murdering american hostages, disrupting
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international trade, but now some pirates put in their place by u.s. commandos. plus, this guy took less than a minute to steal the loot. >> that's not very smart, but it's original. haven't seen that one yet. >> maybe we've seen too much. now the hunt for the droopy drawers bandit. intense fight noting in lib. heavy gun fire, a common sound there. the uprising becoming the bloodiest in the way of unrest. front line of the fighting, smoke rising there, a possible signal of a new phase in the battle as forces loyal to libyan leader moammar gadhafi use air power to bomb rebel fighters. fierce ground battles still raging between the two, the rebels working to cut a path toward the capital city of tripoli. and this is what they're facing when they get there. those are pro-gadhafi crowds. gather not guilty tripoli's square earlier, loyalists ready
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to defend their leader, they say, no matter what the cost. here is one of them. >> there is nobody in this state or in this city against gadhafi. >> steve harrigan is streaming live in tripoli. steve, our question, is leader gadhafi still controlling the seat of his government, that capital city, at this hour? >> harris, i think it's clear that this city of 2 million people, libyan capital, is firmly in government control right now and also the government is trying to do everything possible to show the world that he is still in control here in the capital. bussing in supporters, into green square in the downtown area, very vocal supporters. as a matter of fact, this morning at dawn, celebratory gun fire rang out for several hours, including anti-aircraft guns. there were initially concerns it might be fighting among factions in the army. but the government says it's celebration, celebration for what state-controlled media here says was complete control of all cities taken over by the rebels.
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those claims later found to be in accurate. harris. >> exactly how close are the rebels to tripoli at this point? >> right now there is fighting going on in two cities, disputed cities, both on the west and east of the capital in tripoli and the west rebels are 25 miles away. they have been fighting in a town that's changed hands several times. libyan forces from the government have sent in tanks and armored personnel carriers and in the east rebel forces are about 130 miles away. so despite government claims, there is still contested cities both in the east and in the west. but keep in mind, the libyan government still has a strong air force largely intact. soviet made fighter jet attack helicopters. the rebels really have nothing to answer that with if they do try and make the march here to tripoli. back to you. >> all right, steve, thank you very much. we will have more from libya. our correspondent leland vitter caught up with a group of rebels. that at the bottom of the hour. the crisis in libya pushing up
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the cost of oil for us to a 2 1/2 year high. word tonight president obama is considering tapping the nation's oil reserves. white house chief of staff bill daley telling "meet the press" release some reserves would be one way to ease price. >> the issue of the reserves is what we're considering. it is something that only is done in -- has been done in very rare occasions. there is a bunch of factors that have to be looked at. >> so a rare move, but he says the option is on the table. gas at the pump now averaging 3.50 per gallon and crude, 104 bucks a barrel. it hasn't been that high since september 2008. we're coming up. we'll take a closer look at whether or not tapping those oil reserves could eventually keep you from shelling out more cash at the pump. also in the region, in tunisia, the united states giving aid to refugees as they escape the chaos in libya. several dozen flights leaving tunisia's airport in recent days
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with evacuees. u.s. naval aircraft carrying some 300 egyptians from their home to cairo yesterday. another 300 today. other planes delivering aid and supplies to the region. the u.s. military promising to remain in tunisia for several more days. we're watching the situation in egypt heat up. gun shots reported in cairo. armed men attacking protesters outside police headquarters. egyptian soldiers firing shots inside the air to disburse the crowds. this is the first time we've seen armed men in plain clothes confronting activists since the government was overturned and president mubarak kicked out more than three weeks ago. in the past couple of days, though, protesters have broken into 11 state security offices across the country. they're taking documents they say otherwise would be destroyed to cover up government abuse. in israel, that country launching an attack on the gaza strip. israel's military conducting
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raids on gaza city yesterday, targeting bases along to go hamas, which controls much of the region there. no one injured in the attacks. more than 60 rockets and mortar rounds hit southern israel this year alone. the nation has frequently fought back with air raids despite calls from hamas for troops. in the u.s., looking at the budget battle in washington is another deadline looms for potential government shut down. the temporary measure they passed ends later this month. so we wait for democrats democrd republicans to reach an agreement. bill daley saying the two sides are not far apart, but mitch mcconnell lashing out at the administration saying he doesn't think the president is serious about dealing with government spending and the deficit. steve centanni. >> democrats and republicans continue staking out political territory in the battle of the
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budget. yesterday president obama said he's willing to go further to cut spending in the current fiscal year. he already agreed to $6.5 billion in cuts. while republicans are asking for $60 billion. the congress has passed a temporary spending bill to keep the government running only through march 18. the republicans and democrats are each accusing the other of threatening jobs and the recovery. the battle was played out on the sunday talk shows. >> i don't believe what we have from the house is a serious economic plan. i think it's an ideological, extremist, wreckless statement. if that were to be, in fact, put in place, it would contribute to the reversal of our recovery. it might even destroy our recovery. >> what's wreckless, bob, is the $1.6 trillion deficit we're running this year. what's wreckless is the $3 trillion we've added to our national debt. our national debt is now the size of our economy. we begin to look a lot like
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greece. >> vice president joe biden paid a visit to capitol hill last week to try to lay the ground work for some kind of agreement. the result is that two votes will be taken in the senate this week. now, both are expected to fail, but they could be the starting point for further negotiations. harris. >> all right. steve, thank you very much. somali pirates on the attack again. but this time u.s. commandos coming out on top, drama in the treacherous waters east of africa. plus, religious leaders from different faiths rallying against upcoming congressional hearings on american muslims. the hearings meant to address a potential terror entertainment but critics saying it all moments to a witch hunt.
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with both sweet maine and buttery rock lobster tails and eleven more choices, each served with a salad and unlimited cheddar bay biscuits. come celebrate lobsterfest right now at red lobster. the latest now from mexico. gunmen opening fire at a bar near the u.s. consulate. three people have died in this. the attack happening in the border city of juarez earlier
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today. the victims have not been identified yet. this is the second deadly nightclub shooting in a week in a city that's becoming a battle ground for rival drug cartels. also today a suspected high ranking member of one of the cartels known as the cowboy arrested on an apparent traffic violation. mexican authorities saying he directed air shipments of drugs in the border area near arizona. overseas, american commandos capturing four suspected somali pirates. according to reports from an antipiracy task force. word came in the crew on board was under attack. some 300 miles offshore. a special unit from the uss balkily raided the ship and captured the suspects. not a single shot fired. the other crew members all safe. well, this is just the latest in a long list of reported attacks by somali pirates. in february, they shot and killed four american travelers
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on a yacht off the coast of east caver a. one week later, pirates kidnaps a danish family of five, including three children. we're told they're still holding that family hostage inside somalia. pirates are holding more than 700 captives right now on more than 30 vessels and other ships. in january, they released a ship for a huge ransom. pirates received between 5 and $7 million for that ship. christians, jews and muslims, along with dozens of local leaders gathered in "new york times" square with a single message. today i am muslim, too. ♪ star spangled banner yet wave ♪ ♪ o'er the land -- >> they're gathering because they're against a planned series of congressional hearings focusing on radicalization among american muslims.
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the hearings begin thursday led by new york congressman peter king. today's crowd calling it hate mongering that effectively demonizes an entire community. congressman king on fox earlier today defending the hearings, saying there is a threat coming from within america's muslim communities and the country needs to address it. our julie banderas live in the news room with more on this. >> congressman king also says these hearings are intended to highlight the increasing threat of home grown terrorism here in the u.s. and lack of support from the muslim community. but many say it is unfair to single out a single group when attacks have come from non-muslims as well. and see these hearings as a witch hunt, or the modern day version of mccarthyism. russell simmons is one of the men leading the rally. >> these hearings will ring out more hate and our job is to go the other way and promote more compassion. >> once you start, you know,
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letting people think that you're against them, you create this cycle of radicalization. >> congressman king points to recent incidents like the attempted times square bombing and the shooting at fort hood and says the hearings dubs the radicalization of muslim communities in america are essential. >> attorney general, secretary of homeland security have all spoken about the increasing threat from domestic radicalization. eric holder said he can't sleep at night because of the number of young muslim americans who are willing to take up arms against their government. >> meantime in washington, the obama administration addressing how they intend to deal with islamic radicalization in this country and i'm going to quote them. the national security individualsor to the president saying the following: the attorney general, rather our challenge and the goal is on the front end. we know this isn't the job of
7:17 pm
government alone. it has to be a partnership with you, the communities being targeted most directly by al-qaeda. these hearings will begin thursday, march 10, before the house homeland security committee and the congressmen plan several more over the next year. harris? >> julie banderas, thank you very much. and for more on the story, watch "at large." geraldo rivera grabbed some interviews with some of the people speaking at the rally. you'll want to see that tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern right here on fox. update on that deadly twister that hit southwestern louisiana. remember we started the fox report with it last night. all part of a dangerous weather system bringing threats of snow and flooding to some areas as it moved east. the latest coming up. and nasa closes the door on the discovery shuttle. with all eyes on the next mission. and its commander. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro.
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astronauts aboard shuttle discovery saying farewell to the international space station as they close the hatch, they wave good-bye. the shuttle expected to return to earth on wednesday when it officially retires. here is a live look at discovery right now. the next shuttle mission will be the program's final one. endeavor will set to launch in april with congressman mark kelly, the husband of congresswoman gabrielle giffords. new reason to believe that we may not be alone in the universe. an nasa scientist said he discovered life of a alien inside a meteorite. he released ground breaking new
7:22 pm
research, saying he found fossil evidence of bacterial life within meteorites, indicating life outside planet earth: and the remains are not so different from the ones found on our planet. the research needs to be independently verified. the national weather service in the last few minutes has just issued a watch for parts of virginia and north carolina. so we're watching for that. we're also learning a little bit more about the twister that hit a town in southwestern louisiana, much of the town of rayne in ruins with clean-up efforts getting underway. last night it was breaking news as fox report began. one woman died in all of this. we now know trying to save her child. a tree fell on their house. many other people hurt in that area. nearly 1500 of them forced to leave their home. >> the way it came through, like it was a strong wind and the rain was blowing so strong, like it was a white cloud that you could not even see five feet in
7:23 pm
front of you. >> that part of a nasty storm system working its way across the country. other areas under a flood watch as we speak. let's get to maria molina. we've got watches out there that you're following closely. >> yes. one tornado watch and also flood watches and i want to report that they went ahead and confirmed two additional tornadoes. a total of four confirmed tornadoes in southern louisiana from yesterday's outbreak and, of course, the one that unfortunately caused a fatality to a 21-year-old woman, was an ef-2 with winds of 111 and 135 miles per hour. that is equal to what you would see in a category 3 hurricane. and now we're getting reports of some damage across parts of northeastern, north carolina. we have reports of trees down and wind damage and even one unconfirmed tornado right now for wake, north carolina. a report of a brief touchdown and also tree damage, trees down. but that's unconfirmed for now.
7:24 pm
tornado watch is good until 11:00 p.m. eastern time and includes virginia beach and parts of southeastern virginia. otherwise a lot of moisture with the storm system. we still have heavy rain in that area in yellow and orange. pockets of heavy rain pushing into new york city on northward. this is where we have those flood watches. the eastern half of the northeast currently experiencing flooding and also report of some flash flooding taking place across an area that is seeing snow right now in northern state of new york. this does include south central clinton county and north central essex county in new york and because of an ice jam. this is an area we'll see a lot of snow between eight and 12 inches. some spots could see up to 15 inches in northern parts of maine and this is also bringing in plenty of travel delays. delays of over an hour in la guardia, jfk and newark. delays of over two hours. just a mess out there. of course, timing on the storm
7:25 pm
system, it will be a drawn out storm. we'll see the effects throughout the night, overnight and even as we head into monday morning. harris. >> boy, this has been a beast as it moves across the country. thank you very much. libya on the brink of civil war, forces loyal to gadhafi stepping up the counter attacks. leland vitter, our correspondent there is about to give us a close look at the battle front. stay tuned for that. a daring break-in by a guy with, well, droopy drawers. police say he was after that was so important, he couldn't even pull up his pants. homeowners -- rates have been going up, but you can still refinance to a fixed rate as low as 4.75% at plus, get the best deal or we'll pay you $1,000. call lending tree at... today.
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i'm harris faulkner and this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. fierce fighting in libya where it's starting to look more like a civil war. libyan rebels taking on pro-gadhafi forces in several cities. government helicopters bombing the opposition trying to keep them back. the rebels advancing, along the mediterranean coast cutting a path to tripoli. our chief fox report correspondent, jonathan hunt is on the ground there and streaming tonight live from across libya's border in tunisia. jonathan? >> harris, colonel gadhafi's forces seem determined to push back the rebels in their eastern stronghold city, the main fighting today was around the
7:30 pm
small city of benjawad. the rebels it taken it yesterday, but late last night had pulled back to the port city. when they tried to reenter today, they were met by helicopter gunships and heavy artillery fired by the libyan army and right now, it appears that the libyan army does remain in control of benjawad, which is key, because it's on the road to gadhafi's hometown of surte. about 30 miles of tripoli, there is still the ongoing stalemate between the pro and anti-gadhafi forces. the anti-gadhafi rebels appear to hold the city center. but the pro-gadhafi forces ring that entire city. it's a stalemate there. tonight it appears that colonel gadhafi is still in full control of tripoli and that is ultimately what this will come down to, a battle for the capital. tonight harris, libya remains on
7:31 pm
the cusp of a civil war and there are many who believe that the only way it can be avoided is by somebody putting a bullet in the skull of colonel gadhafi. harris? >> wow. jonathan hunt, thank you very much. and you can see from his reporting, the pictures of the fighting in the capital. when you move away from there, what is it like on the ground outside that city? our leland vitter caught up with a group of rebel fighters. he has their story. >> the rebels advance across eastern libya came to a screeching halt today with an ambush by pro-gadhafi forces. we went up right to the front lines as the rebels were regrouping in the town of ras lanut. gadhafi has tanks and artillery. there's a lot of anti-aircraft fire right now. up in the sky you can see flak that has gone up. a huge amount of fire power going on. now with a clear day, it looks
7:32 pm
like gadhafi's air force is trying to counter attack. there was anti-aircraft going on. you want the same weapons that gadhafi fired at you? >> yes. and more. >> do you think you'll get them? >> no, no, we can't. >> you can't get them? >> no. >> what are you going to do? >> fighting. >> right now we have some of the new heavy weapons being delivered to the rebel front lines and the commanders are trying to rally their troops. >> we are not afraid. we are the sword of libya. allah akbar. >> a lot of rebels head away from the front lines. we're not sure why, but there has been a heck of a fire fight. without any command and control structure, there is nobody here to order these people to either attack or maintain defensive positions. >> how is he doing?
7:33 pm
is he going back to the fight? >> he will be back. >> tonight the rebels face a moment of decision. will they stay and fight, possibly sending this country into a civil war, or will they retreat, allowing gadhafi to make good on his promise to squash them? harris, back to you. >> what a decision. thank you very much. the unrest there creating a spike in oil and gas prices right here for us. today president obama's chief of staff saying in an interview, the white house is looking at all of its options, including tapping into the nation's strategic oil reserves. i mentioned it earlier. something that is rarely done. the reserves contain 727 million-barrels of oil. adam shapiro of the "fox business" network is here. is the administration trying to prevent gas prices in the next few days from going up above $4 a gallon? >> they are trying to prevent that and they're worried about the effects that would have on
7:34 pm
the economic recovery. we are seeing $4 in some parts of the country. in the northeast, we're seeing 3.50 a gallon. it's gone up dramatically, 33 cents in the last two weeks. what they're trying to do is just kind of put a ceiling on what the traders are doing because the price is over $105 a barrel. >> as you were sitting down a couple minutes ago when lee land was reporting, he said they just traded it back up again. we're above 105. >> we're above 105, we were 15 minutes ago. you can expect to go higher tomorrow. >> all right. i got an e-mail from you earlier. this hits us in the pocketbook in different ways. there are a loft things we use made from oil. ink, crayons. this is a long list. >> think about this. we import 51% of our petroleum. roughly 30% goes to make diesel, fuel and gasoline. what's your favorite movie? prices will go up. crayons for kids, that price would go up.
7:35 pm
your deodorant, still going to go up. all of this stuff made from oil. >> all right. so what else do we need to watch out for? anything? >> it's not just oil that you want to be paying attention to. all of us will get hit in the pocketbook or wallet. but over the next couple of months, federal reserves will stop purchasing, perhaps, all of the u.s. federal debt. interest rates will start going up. so now might be a good time, if you're trying to just get ahead of all of this kind of storm of bad economic news, now would be a good time maybe to lock in the refinancing if you're going to refinance. >> really? >> pay off the debt. interest rates right now, 30 year fixed mortgage, under 5%. >> i don't want to draw a straight line if it really doesn't go there. are you trying to tell me that the unrest that we're seeing in the middle east, or at least the uncertainty that it creates, is going to drip all the way back to the housing market? >> it could. in a different way. but yes, it could. oil could have a negative impact on the housing market because think of it this way, right now we are spending roughly 6% of our income, disposable income
7:36 pm
for energy, gas and electricity. that is starting to take up. the bad old days of the 70s it was 9%. if you have to spend more of your dollar to cover just the electric and gas, you're not going to have that extra money to maybe go shopping or if you want to buy a new car or buy a house, it's less money to put down. >> yeah. less disposable money. >> you mentioned less money in your pockets. not a good equation. >> you're such a cheerful guy normally. >> because it's never as bad as we try to make it seem on television. >> all right. hopefully this unrest situation can wrap up quicker than the experts are thinking it might. adam shapiro, thank you very much. a hero rescues five young children trapped inside a burning building and a thief dubbed the droopy drawers bandit is on the loose. two stops as we go across america. florida, a next-door neighbor saving the lives of
7:37 pm
five children after fire broke out inside their orange county condo. dylan johnson running right into the burning building through thick smoke. >> i just reached down into the ground low where they were at and they happened there. >> and dylan happens to be a hero. everybody making it out safely. california, this house fire has firefighters performing a different kind of rescue for this boxer. they picked him up, carried him out and revived him with a device made especially for dogs. el mo now doing just fine. farther south in valley center. >> 733,501.59. >> whoa. one lucky dude taking all that money home after dropping 60 cents into a slot machine at the valley view casino. a hot streak, he won $1,000 just last week at another slot machine in las vegas. so family, how are you going to spend the cash?
7:38 pm
>> she's going to get a new car. she told me she needs new rocks on the finger. >> who is sabrina? a burglary, the guy so busy making a grab for the cigarettes, he couldn't keep his pants up. he also managed to grab a couple of cases of beer. security cameras capturing it all. police still on the lookout for the guy they're now calling the droopy drawers bandit. >> you got to be pretty embarrassed. >> that's a fox watch across america. a u.s. exchange student is missing in spain. now his family flying halfway around the world to help unravel the mystery. the latest on the investigation coming up. plus, actor sean penn praising the hugo chavez in person. what in the world is all that about? we'll tell you just ahead. stay with us. as a kid, i couldn't wait to ste on that i
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make the better egg.
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police called off the search now for a missing teenage girl after discovering a possible grave site. 16-year-old michaela disappeared thursday night. police saying the last time anybody saw her she was leaving school in nevada, across the border from utah. investigators say they found now what appears to be a shallow grave and they have suspended their search to avoid disturbing that area. and that's all they're telling us right now. when there is more to come, we'll report it. an american college student miss not guilty spain for more than a week and investigators are stepping up their search. he's 22-year-old austin bice. friends last saw him outside a nightclub in madrid and he never came home. his credit cards, passport, still in his room the next day. friends and family have spent the past few days sending out flyers hoping to get somebody to help them find him. police are not saying whether or not they have any leads.
7:43 pm
a magnitude 6.2 earthquake hit northern chile following a string of recent smaller tremors in the region. the quake striking around 9:30 this morning their local time. nearly 1400 miles from the capital of santiago. people there say they felt the shaking, but officials reported no major damage and no injuries. several quakes have struck there recently. we've been reporting on t. nearly one year ago, you may remember that huge magnitude 8.8 killed 524 people and caused widespread damage throughout central chile. a massive crash on a brazilian highway. actor sean penn hanging out with hugo chavez as we go around the world in 80 seconds. brazil, a deadly highway collision killing at least 25 people. a lumber truck losing control and slamming into a bus carrying 47 passengers.
7:44 pm
rescue workers scrambling to pull people from the wreckage. two other accidents killed 27 people on the same stretch of road back in 2007. taiwan, nightclub up in flames. nine people dead and 12 injured. authorities saying somehow lights from a performance sparking the fire and apparently people died trying to escape the second floor. their bodies were found near a staircase. afghanistan. an emotional crowd protesting foreign military intervention. hundreds of demonstrators carrying pictures of dead afghan civilians and burning an effigy of president obama. civilian deaths have risen this year as insurgent attacks, according to the united nations. venezuela, actor sean penn hanging out with president hugo chavez. contributing to penn's charity which is working to rebuild haiti. today was a very productive day. so again, i want to thank
7:45 pm
president chavez. >> the u.s. military also has contributed to penn's efforts. a collaboration that penn says can set a positive example. that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. he was the last living veteran to fight for the united states in world war 1. now a debate in washington how to properly pay tribute to him. some people say they're not happy with what congress has in mind.
7:46 pm
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7:48 pm
>> a simple blood test may be all it takes to diagnose downs didn't dome during pregnancy. according to a preliminary report published today in the journal nature medicine. european scientists say they were able to detect the
7:49 pm
condition by testing for traces of fetal dna in the mother's bloodstream. the findings could mean a safer, less invasive alternative to the current procedure which involves taking samples of amniotic fluid. down's syndrome is said to be among the world's most common genetic conditions affecting one in 700 live births. america's longest living veteran of world war one passed away last week. lawmakers in washington are trying to figure out a proper memorial for the veteran. he enlisted in the army in 1917 to fight in the first world war, serving in england and germany. he died in west virginia and representatives from that state say he deserves a resting place at the u.s. capitol. but congressional leaders from both parties disagree. peter doocy has more on this from washington. >> corporal frank buckle's daughters says he considered himself a representative of all
7:50 pm
world war i veterans and said his duty was to lay in the rotunda as a final and formal tribute to all the other veterans of world war i that he outlived. but as it turns out, house and senate leaders do not plan on letting corporal buckles lay in honor. a spokesman for the speaker of the house says, quote, everyone honors mr. buckle's service to the united states and the extraordinary sacrifices made by every member of our armed services who served in world war i. that's why they will ask secretary gates to allow mr. buckle's family to use the amphitheater at arlington cemetery for the service. but that is not good enough for one of the u.s. senators from corporal buckle's home state, west virginia's joe manchin said in a statement, quote, it's unconscionable that speaker boehner would deny this honor to the last living american veteran of world war i. i urge speaker boehner to reconsider this ill advised
7:51 pm
decision. buckle's congresswoman says she hopes the bickering ends soon because this does not do justice to his memory. and buckle's daughter questions the way things have unfolded as a relative and as an american. she wants to know, quote, if the last american soldier surviving is not suitable to serve as a symbol around which we can rally to honor those who served their country in the great war, then who can serve that purpose? there is no one left. president obama has ordered all government buildings to fly their flags at half-staff the day he's buried. he was 110 years old. harris. >> peter, thank you very much. i want to get an update on the tornado watch we told you about a little while ago in the southeast. let's get straight to maria molina live in the fox extreme weather center. >> hi. we do have breaking news out of the tornado watch area which is still good until 11:00 p.m. eastern time, including the city of virginia beach and areas south of that in north carolina
7:52 pm
and in woolston, north carolina, the public has reported a tornado displacing farm equipment about 30 feet and also causing some shingle damage to a neighboring home. we're still watching the thunderstorms moving eastward and even if you don't have a report of a tornado, you can also get very strong straight line winds. one severe thunderstorm warning just to the north of the tornado watch area is in effect until 8:15 p.m. eastern time. we could see wind gusts in excess of 60 miles per hour. do keep that in mind. it's not just a tornado threat, just the wind -- it's the wind that could cause severe damage. we'll continue to feel its impact across the northeast overnight. heavy snow in maine even tomorrow to kick off the workweek. then there is another storm that we're starting to watch develop out west. that will head east, possible blizzard conditions across the plains as we head into tuesday and another severe weather outbreak further south, including louisiana as we head into tuesday and wednesday.
7:53 pm
>> well, it is march. but winter still has its grip on us. thank you very much. oil rig fire in the gulf of mexico. the latest on the flair-up in that vulnerable part of the country as we bring you the update on our top story. now you're looking at beautiful but very fit and tough dogs. taking on a race unlike any other in the world. who let them out? the ididorod, next. ♪ [ female announcer ] it's lobsterfest.
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discover more of what we do, for every generation at you've never held it in your hand, then unleashed it with a fingertip. never watched pixels whip by at 1 ghz and had your neurons struggle to keep up. you've never seen fast because you've never seen this. the droid incredible by htc. it's nothing short of its name. now get the droid incredible by htc for $99.99. >> go! iditarod 39. >> and they're off. the most famous dog race in the world, the iditarod kicking off in alaska. the ceremonial beginning, drawing hundreds of fans for the 39th annual contest.
7:57 pm
it will take the mushers and their dogs over 1100 miles to the finish line in for noem. mackie set record time last year, finishing in under nine days. the only way i could do that was if i were driving my car for nine days. it's march, you know what that means. march madness. it's upon us. selection sunday a week from today. let's go to peter of fox so give us the big names. i know kansas. >> we got three teams that are probably going to lock up number one seeds coming for next week's selection sunday. those teams are pittsburgh out of the big east, kansas out of the big 12, and then ohio state, who beat wisconsin today. they all are conference champion and go into the championship week, but they're pretty safe. the number one seat is up for grabs. brigham young university, they're a possibility here.
7:58 pm
duke still a possibility. north carolina, notre dame even still a possibility. so that fourth number one up for grabs. >> it will be interesting in byu can do it with one of their players getting kicked out this week. allall right. >> thursday night, 16-year-old star of the fenville basketball team. the team celebrate asks win and go undefeated for the season. shortly after celebrating, leonard collapsed, passed away later that night. tragic story. the team has to go to the tournament championship. there is a playoff system now. so they have a playoff game tomorrow night, 7 p.m this is actually a nice story. lawrence high school supposed to host the game, that's the opponent. they said let's move this to hope college where the game will be played. it's bigger. they can deal with all the media
7:59 pm
attention. but really sad story. we'll be following it. >> he really inspired a lot of his teammates. 3600 people that place seats. okay. danica patrick, the best a woman finished in nascar since 1949. a great name, danica. it's a great name. explain it. >> my second child is named for her in her honor. i'm a nascar fan. >> nascar is alive and well. >> thank you very much. >> thank you so much. >> recapping our top story, a fire at an oil rig platform in the gulf of mexico now out. the rig was not actively producing oil at the time of the fire. it's about 50 miles off grand isle, louisiana. the coast guard saying two men were working on the platform when it caught fire. they escaped, picked up by a nearby boat and air lifted by the coast guard chop tore a hospital.


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